Escrow Alliance improves SaaS Escrow Solution

12/04/2011Comments Off on Escrow Alliance improves SaaS Escrow Solution

Snapshot of logo Escrow AllianceFrom February 2011 onwards, Escrow Alliance BV delivers new SaaS verification services as part of the verification portfolio. As part of the SaaS Escrow Agreement and Dual Depositing Service for escrow materials as source code, we have now included SaaS verification as a standard on all materials that are escrowed on behalf of the supplier and the end-user.

In addition to the materials Escrow Alliance analyses and checks the following services.

In preparation of the survey, Escrow Alliance request the supplier collect and package the deposit which will include:

The source code or source materials of the application and software package
The user manuals of the environment
All data, unless there are back up arrrangements by the user, the supplier or an external party.
The Escrow Deposit Documentation describing all the deposited materials