Cloud Escrow: Ensures continuity of cloud applications

06/10/2011Comments Off on Cloud Escrow: Ensures continuity of cloud applications

Cloud Escrow Ensures continuity of cloud applicationsTo keep grip and control and to prevent permanent loss of data, applications or access to critical business processes in the Cloud, you need to be organized, both technical, legal and on an organisational level. Escrow Alliance in collaboration with the Green Clouds provides the solution: Cloud Escrow.

Cloud Escrow is an escrow solution in which all the facets are organised in order to prevent the permanent loss of your access and usage of you “Cloud IT environment”. The Cloud Escrow Solutions are available from 6 October 2011.

Cloud provides flexibility. One does not need to invest in infrastructure and scalability is no longer an issue. However on the other hand Cloud means decreased grip and control and requires complete trust in the Cloud vendor. In case your ‘Cloud IT environment’ fails, the consequences can be disastrous.

Cloud Escrow by Escrow Alliance and Green Clouds ensure continued use of Cloud based applications. Companies that use cloud computing services have to make sure that responsibilities and duties are clear more then ever before. At the moment of disaster, bankruptcy or any other conditions stated in the Cloud Escrow Agreement are met. Cloud Escrow enables customers to use their IT environment without any, or very limited interruption.

For each participating customer is processor, data connection and data storage capacity reserved. Crucial element in the Cloud Escrow solution is the dual role of the DNS. It points to both the primary environment and the cloud based virtual escrow. In the absence of the primary operating environment the ‘dormant’ cloud environment is activated.

Leon Hauzer, Managing Director of Escrow Alliance: “Continuity Solutions for cloud computing services can not be presented in standards. Every environment is different and requires a customized escrow solution. With Cloud Escrow we are close to a standard that can work for any cloud computing service or cloud application.”

Peter Zonneveld, CEO of Green Clouds: “In reality it means that the customer does not even notice that its primary cloud computing service provider no longer available. The switching time is limited. The capacity of Green Clouds comes from managed hosting providers and service providers. “

Green Clouds aggregates standby surplus IT capacity from secure data centers.

Escrow Alliance manages and executes the escrow agreement, checks the status of the agreements, the availability of the data and the application and communicates with the parties about the findings.

About Green Clouds (
Green Clouds aggregates and distributes excess cloud computing capacity. This way the founders try to solve the disparity between the growing demand for IT capacity on the one hand, and the increasing number of ‘unemployed’ and therefore redundant spinning machinery, on the other. They believe that the current business model is for hosted services unsustainable, both from an ecological as from an economic perspective.

Green Clouds act as an intermediary. Companies sell their excess computing power and storage capacity and claim additional capacity if necessary.
This way, end users only pay for the cloud capacity they actually use, and require no additional investment for peaks in server capacity.