Cloud Escrow presented at the Tooling Event, Utrecht The Netherlands

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On November 3 Green Clouds and Escrow Alliance are presenting the new business continuity solution Cloud Escrow for the first time to a wide audience at the Tooling Event in Utrecht.

Cloud Escrow presented by Escrow Alliance - Tooling Event 2010 Cloud Escrow at the Tooling EventTo have continued grip and control, and to prevent permanent loss of data and application(s) you have to be organized: both technical, legal and organizational. Escrow Alliance in collaboration with Green Clouds offers a solution to permanent loss of data and applications: Cloud Escrow.

1:40 p.m. to 2:10 p.m.
Escrow in the Cloud. More than Source Code alone. It is operational availability
By: Michel Korpershoek, CTO & COO, Green Clouds BV

With the Cloud your IT environment is in full control of your suppliers. This includes licenses, virtualized platforms, infrastructure and access to your most critical business applications and data.

The flexibility of Cloud comes with a risk. The risk to loose your critical applications and data is prevented by Cloud Escrow. Cloud Escrow provides availability of critical applications.

The solution is a Cloud Escrow where data, applications, settings, librairies and underlying dependencies are stored in a secure escrow disaster recovery environment.

Cloud Escrow is much more than just protecting sources as known from existing software escrow.

The Cloud Escrow arrangement is set up in a way where all facets are managed to prevent the loss access and use of your “Cloud IT environment.” The Cloud Escrow Arrangement has been available since October 6, 2011.

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