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Wiki about EscroW Agreements - Escrow by Escrow Alliance - Escrow Agreement WikiFriday, January 27, 2012 – Haarlem. As of today, Escrow Alliance, escrow agent specializing in escrow agreements actively contributes and participates in the ‘escrow wiki’ and ‘escrow agreement wiki’ pages.

The ‘wiki escrow “and” escrow agreement wiki’ page provides explanations and information about the various escrow arrangements for customers and suppliers to ensure and record their business continuity.

Escrow Alliance has long been active in providing insight into escrow information. In 2011 we already started ‘Escrow Blog’ and before that we launched an overview of escrow and escrow-related issues at ‘Escrow Startpagina’.

With these initiatives, we believe our customers can make an informed decision about escrow agreements, escrow arrangements and verification services.

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