Escrow Backup preserves critical data

27/06/2012Comments Off on Escrow Backup preserves critical data

Escrow Alliance and Cloud2 offer Escrow Backup. Preserve business critical data in the cloud- escrow by Escrow AllianceObjections to outsourcing online data are something of the past

Alkmaar, Haarlem, Amsterdam, the Netherlands – Cloud2 introduces Escrow Backup for business critical data to companies who outsource their data backup facilities. Escrow Backup is characterized by a backup managed by Escrow Agent Escrow Alliance and is an addition to the backup services of Cloud2 .

The starting point of Escrow Backup are state of the art online backup facilities of Cloud2 extended with the data assurance services of Escrow Alliance. The customer is now able to backup, and restore from, the primary storage platform Cloud2. As well as when a customer uses the Escrow Backup, data is replicated to a second storage platform in a geographically separate data center. In the unlikely event something happens to the Cloud2 organisation, the primary storage platform or physical location of the data center of the primary backup, then the data is always safe at the alternative second location.

Assurance from the Escrow Agreement applied to data

The services of Escrow Alliance provide assurances or availability in the absence of the provider of data backup or loss of critical data by adding a secondary data center to the primary data center. The Escrow Backup prevents that critical data is lost permanently.

The alternative storage platform is managed by Escrow Alliance. This ensures that the continuity of the availability of the data becomes separated from Cloud2. This is different from redundant platform or supplier backups for internal restore processes.

Extra protection

In the Escrow Backup service from Cloud2 Escrow Alliance also ensures that any agreements relating to the availability and legal ownership of your data are recorded.

“Never before has a backup vendor shown that he understands the value of critical business data of it’s customers,” says Leon Hauzer, Director of Escrow Alliance. He continues: “The combination of additional assurance is not only recorded in the agreement, also technical and operational measures are taken to prevent permanent loss of data. The combination and the degree of certainty that the customer gets this is absolutely unique. We can possibly say that Cloud2 might even have launched a world first. “

“In many companies we see a latent need for extensive security of critical data,” said Jeroen van den Nouwland, director of Cloud2. “All our customers save nearly all their data offsite in cloud based environments. A loss of this data, generally has very serious financial consequences. My clients choose the best possible solution. With Escrow Backup we are confident that we provide our customers with the next step in providing such data-assurances.”