Save Source transfers escrow agreements to Escrow Alliance

17/06/2014Comments Off on Save Source transfers escrow agreements to Escrow Alliance

Escrow Alliance - Acuisition of escrow services Save Source website - June 2014 - Escrow Alliance become the supplier for Save Source Customers websiteHaarlem – Effective of June Escrow Alliance acquires the escrow services and agreements of Save Source B.V. (

Through this acquisition the services to the current customers of Save Source will be continued. Also, an important part of the innovative escrow servicesof Save Source will be continued.

What will be changed in the services?
Given the importance of the escrow arrangement Escrow Alliance continues the escrow service upon an equal basis as agreed. Escrow Alliance will be the entity taking care of the implementation and execution of the escrow agreements.

Which advantage does the acquisition have for existing customers? 

Escrow Alliance offers former customers of Save Source the following advantages on top of existing full service escrow arrangements:

  • any release fees included in agreements are no longer applicable
  • access to a private Client Portal to check the status of the agreement, deposits and review verification reports
  • a personal contact for your questions and requirements
  • active monitoring of deposits and requesting materials for deposit (upto 4 x per year included)
  • dual depositing as a standard in 2 geographically separated vaults
  • storage of the materials in secure vaults and packaged in sealed and anonymous uniquely numbered sealbags
  • verification of the material prior to the acceptance for depost by experienced verification consultants

Prior to the acquisation of Save Source’s escrow services the company was active as an escrow agent in the local Dutch markt for professional software developers and their customers. The head office of Save Source is closed as of June 2014.

The acquisition of the escrow services fit the strategy of Escrow Alliance to strengthen its customer portfolio.

Are you a (former) Save Source customer and you have a question you can contact us directly via the website or call our account management team on + 31 20 30 80 180. 

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