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European Escrow Services by Escrow Alliance

European escrow services provide by Escrow AllianceEscrow Agent Escrow Alliance is the European provider of including escrow services for data, source code, SaaS and Cloud to businesses around the world from its headquarters in the Netherlands. Without wanting to exclude businesses outside Europe, our company has a focus on companies based on the European continent.

For more then 5 years Escrow Alliance business continuity arrangements such as Source Code Escrow, SaaS Escrow and Cloud Escrow services for the protection of software and business processes. These innovative escrow services gives us a headstart in the european escrow market.

The European Union is considering in her directive to include software and source code escrow since 2009 to protect the investment during an after the development of computer programs as they require a significant investment of human, technical and financial resources. Not only developers, but also software users realize the importance of escrow services. Europe has a highly developed legislation in the field of intellectual property.

And that makes the use of escrow for the protection of investment in business-critical software is crucial.

The source code escrow arrangement protects the intellectual property of the supplier by means of source code escrow. At the same time provides the source code escrow arrangements certainty and business continuity of the software user.
The fact that escrow is in Europe but also in the United States commonly used as a solution to protect the continuity of software users as well as protecting the interests of the software vendor.

The escrow agreement is sometimes also called source code escrow deposit agreement or escrow contract.
It is a common solution for European companies also want to do business across the border.

Escrow Alliance provides two party escrow agreements, also known as multi user agreements and three-party escrow agreements, also known as single user agreements. The multi user escrow agreement, two parties escrow agreement (or in Dutch also know as collectieve escrow-overeenkomst) is an escrow arrangement whereby the software vendor providing the software escrow multiple users and is often used for standardized software.

The single user escrow egreement, also known as three-party escrow agreement (Or in Dutch: Individuele escrow-agreement) is set up directly between Escrow Alliance, the software provider and the end user. Often we see the individual escrow arrangements offered by suppliers that provide customized software.

Learn more about the cost of escrow and who pays the fee?

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