About us

If you choose Escrow Alliance as your Escrow Agent then you have chosen for a team of trusted specialists. We combine a wide range of business expertise and experience in the ICT and business sector with a far-reaching knowledge of software and Internet development.

Our clients come from all business sectors such as industry, logistics and banking. The health and government sectors have also found us to be a trusted partner.

Securing continuity within your organization is undoubtly a high priority. Choosing Escrow Alliance gives you peace of mind because we offer both long and short-term solutions to your IT continuity problems.

It is our goal to help suppliers and end users in the most efficient way possible to an escrow arrangement that is based on the specific needs of each party without loss of quality.

As an innovative service provider we also develop ongoing new escrow provisions that move with market demand helping software supplier and end user to a solution tailored to their needs.

You want to keep the risks of your company to a minimum. Our escrow arrangements avoid the stagnation of continuity and protect your intellectual property. Our escrow services are thoroughly documented in a contract between the software supplier, the end user and Escrow Alliance.

We take our role as Trusted Third Party seriously and have strict procedures concerning administration, escrow contracts, verifications and secure storage of the deposited materials.

We can help you with:

  • Software Escrow Solutions and Agreements
  • Technology Escrow Solutions and Agreements
  • SaaS Escrow Solutions and Agreements
  • Depot Verification Services (DVS)
  • Technical Verification Services (TVS)

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