Escrow Agreements

Source Code Escrow, Saas Escrow, Cloud Escrow, Data Escrow, Software Escrow and Technology Escrow - Escrow by Escrow Alliance - Escrow AgreementThe escrow agreement is an essential part of the complete escrow solution. The agreement is a legal document outlining the agreements made between the supplier, the end user and Escrow Alliance.

The Single User or Three Party Escrow Agreement

When an agreement between the software supplier and the end user is drawn up Escrow Alliance as agent is know as the neutral third party. We call this a Single User or Three Party Escrow Agreement.

If the software supplier can no longer guarantee continuity for the end user then Escrow Alliance releases all relevant documentation and source codes to the end user. A Three Party Escrow Agreement is normally used in the event where a tailor made software solution has been developed and is in use.

The Two Party Escrow Agreement

In the event where an agreement is needed between a software supplier and multiple end users we talk about a Multi User or Two Party Escrow Agreement. A collective agreement is drawn up between Escrow Alliance and the software supplier. Clients of the software supplier have the option to make use of the escrow solution. A new end user is simply added to the existing agreement.

A Two Party Escrow Agreement is useful in the event that end users request an escrow solution from their software supplier or when a supplier wants to provide an escrow as an extra service assurance to their clients.

The following factors are drawn-up and agreed upon within the escrow agreement:

  • Duration
  • Release conditions
  • Update frequency of the depot
  • Expectations of Escrow Alliance, the supplier and the end user
  • Description of the source code
  • The type of verification required for the source code

Escrow Alliance delivers the following variations and agreements:

(in both Two and Three Party situations)

NB: for source code management and tailor made solutions we are also able to provide topic specific agreements.