Multi User or Two Party Escrow Agreement

Escrow Alliance - Multi User Escrow Agreement - Two Party Escrow Agreement - Escrow provided by Escrow AllianceThe Multi User Escrow Agreement or Two Party Escrow Agreement is an agreement between Escrow Alliance, the supplier and multiple end users.

The “Multi User Escrow Agreement” is also called “Two Party Source Code Escrow Agreement” or simply “Two Parties”. The Agreement is put in place so that end users of licensed software can access source code, build instructions and other related materials in the event that the supplier is no longer able to maintain its support service, discontinues business or for other reasons as set out in the Escrow Agreement is unable to fulfill its commitment to the end user.

Escrow Alliance works for both the end user and the software provider by supplying sample software escrow agreements, physical and legal protection of escrow deposits and other escrow related services. In addition, Escrow Alliance conducts supplementary source code inspections which give a qualitative understanding of the deposited materials.

As a Trusted Third Party Escrow Alliance protects diverse intellectual property.

Escrow Alliance aims to provide the best services the industry has to offer. We supply as standard: same day source code escrow agreements, customized escrow agreements and free sample source code escrow agreements.

Flexible contracts
Choose from our existing sample escrow agreements and adjust as necessary. Available in both Dutch and English. Other languages are available as requested.

Media safes in three geographically separate locations, inventory management, anonymous source code storage, extensive checks and regular deposit audits.

Direct telephone support
You can contact Escrow Alliance directly from Monday to Friday. We offer step by step guidance during the escrow process and are always available to answer any queries or questions that you may have. Your personal account manager is more than willing to help you at any point during the escrow process.

Business continuity for your clients

A two-party escrow agreement is also called a multi-user escrow agreement. With a multi-user escrow agreement you offer your customers the assurance of continuity.
The multi-user escrow agreement has a one off set up process. All existing and new customers are included in the agreement and the multi-user escrow agreement becomes part of your SLA, setting you apart from your competitors.

A comprehensive verification
Multi-user escrow agreements always include a comprehensive verification and the end user is assured that the deposited source code is tested, checked and fully compiled.