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Escrow for General Conditions of Government IT Contracts - Escrow by Escrow Alliance - ARBIT compliant escrow solutions
In the ‘General Conditions of Government IT Contracts’ (ARBIT) a new article was included in 2010. The Article 47 “escrow” in which the Dutch government explicitly requires escrow for software contracts in which it does not own the source code.
Suppliers and government buyers need to comply with this requirement when dealing with the Dutch government.

The ARBIT Escrow Solution is aligned with the escrow requirements on paragraph 47 from the ARBIT. It refers to the relevant articles as well as it makes a clear distinction between standard and customised software solutions.

Escrow Alliance allows you to concentrate on making the deal with the Dutch government. We will look after the escrow.

An escrow arrangement is intended to protect the continuity (error recovery, maintenance and management) of the software and to protect the intellectual property of the supplier.

For national governments, provinces and municipalities this is not entirely new concept. They have been applying escrow arrangements for years.

Escrow Alliance specializes in ARBIT compliant escrow solutions

Given the diversity of the market Escrow Alliance has several escrow arrangements to fit the requirements of our customers.

This allows all parties involved to provide an escrow solution for their needs and allows them to do business in a professional manner.

As an escow specialist we provide ARBIT compliant escrow solutions including software (source code), SaaS, Cloud, data and technology escrow.

Our escrow arrangements include the necessary protection for critical applications. We ensure both the end user and the supplier have the right protection. All our agreements contain at least an escrow agreement, a verification of the deposit and the physical storage of the deposit in a secure vault facility.

With regard to developments within the ARBIT 2010, we help governments, provinces and municipalities with the implementation of the escrow requirements as stated in the purchase ARBIT 2010.

existing agreement
Are there existing contracts that now require escrow protection under the new purchasing requirements? We will mediate between supplier and the Dutch government to make the necessary escrow arrangements.

Download the ARBIT conditions (ARBIT) – PDF in Dutch

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