Automatic Two Party Escrow Solutions

Two Party Escrow Automatic Escrow Solution - Escrow by Escrow Alliance The Automatic Escrow Solution is set up for multiple licensees also called end-users or beneficiaries.

A software supplier that would like to offer its customers business continuity of its software and applications often prefers to provide a standardised agreement to all its customers.

This saves time to draw an individual agreement for each individual customer. Escrow Alliance provides such agreement and calls them Collective Automatic Escrow Solutions.

The Two Party Escrow Agreement, also known as the Collective Escrow Agreement, there is the option to include all licensees (customers) automatically.

This arrangement makes it a standard part of the service level agreement of the supplier. The escrow arrangement needs to be drafted and determined once. After that the supplier can proactively offer the escrow solution to all its customers.

Both new and existing customers will automatically take part in this escrow arrangement. Escrow Alliance provides the customers of the supplier with the relevant information regarding the acquired security and continuity via the escrow solution.

Besides a higher quality of service and by saving valuable time, the Automatic Escrow Agreement is usually cheaper for the supplier than in the event an individual escrow arrangement is offered.

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