Custom Escrow Solutions

Escrow customised to your requirements - Escrow by Escrow Alliance - Customised Escrow Solutions It is possible that the needs are so specific and that the situation has become so complex, that extra attention and help is required to set up a thorough and adequate escrow arrangement.

For these customers we provide customized escrow arrangements.

Escrow Alliance consults both the supplier and end user needs and with this information it is collectively decided which type of escrow arrangement is desirable. This enables us to draw all the appropriate escrow arrangement.

A customized escrow arrangement is put in when:

  • specific needs or the complexity of the situation require a special arrangement
  • there is specific combination of hardware and software
  • multi-party supplier are part of the final agreemement
  • the implementation of the technical verification carried out in collaboration with others
  • when during the verification the presence of the end user and / or the supplier is required

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