Source Code Escrow Solution

Escrow Solutions by Escrow Alliance - Verification - Source Code EscrowEvery enterprise or organisation is concerned with maintaining continuity with that entity.

How does that work with applications such as financial software, software concerned with company processes or document management software?

What is the damage suffered if that software is no longer available?

Escrow Alliance supports the security of company continuity and the reduction of IT risks in the form of the Source Code Escrow Solution.
This ‘active escrow solution’ ensures that the source code, technical documentation and the depot of all your company critical applications are stored at two physical locations. The depot is regularly verified and renewed.

The Source Code Escrow Solution has advantages for both the supplier and the end user. Suppliers are often more prepared to deposit their source codes with an independent third party such as Escrow Alliance then they are to the end user.

For the supplier the advantage can be found in the fact that there is need to ‘surrender’ any intellectual property to the customer (end-user) but there is a definite pro-active move to understanding the needs of the end user by securing their company’s need for continuity.
The end user has the advantages of securing the continuity and organisational processes as well as preventing damage to company image or loss of turnover.

Another important advantage is that of securing the investment in software which includes licenses, SLA’s and training.

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