Source Code Management Solutions

Management of Source Code - Escrow by Escrow Alliance - Source Code Management You have your (custom) application developed by a software vendor with the agreement that you are the legal owner of the software and its source code. In that case, the Source Management Service is an adequate method of providing the assurance that you have access to all the critical components of your application.

The intellectual property rests with you, the end user. Maintenance, updates and modifications – mostly recorded in a maintenance contract or service level agreement – are performed by your software supplier.

This creates a dependency of your supplier. It is desired that the source code is managed externally. This helps you to make sure you not only own the source code contractually. You will have access to the materials and these materials are verified.

Legally there is no escrowagreement required. Due to the fact that the property of the materials is with you or your company we will always release the materials at first call.

The content of the deposit has already been yours.

In consultation with you and your supplier, the conditions drawn up Source Code Management Agreement.

Escrow Alliance makes request at your supplier at regular intervals.

That way you always know the correct version of your source code is well documented and stored at a secure physical location.

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