Escrow Depot Verifications

No escrow solution is complete without the relevant source codes and documentation being deposited in a secure escrow depot. Alongside this is also of great importance that a check is carried out on the material to be deposited.

An escrow solution is set-up in the event that a supplier is no longer able to offer application support to the end user thus threatening company continuity. In this situation the source codes and other relevant documentation is released from security and handed over to the end user. It is logical that the materials held in security are both of excellent quality and up-to-date so that the end user can continue working with minimum damage.

To ensure both the quality and up-to-datedness of the deposited materials Escrow Alliance offers a variety of verification and compilation tests. Depending on the requests of the client and the nature of the application checks are carried out on specifically agreed upon areas. For example, completeness of the source code and documentation, source code functionality, up-to-datedness and accessibility.

Through the verification process the supplier is assured that:

  • The depot is complete and provides the end user with peace of mind
  • Immediate deposition of a complete and correct delivery accelerates the escrow process

Through the verification process the end user is assured that:

  • Deposited materials are complete and if necessary the company can continue functioning without disruption

Depot Check Service (DCS)
Before any material is placed in secure storage Escrow Alliance carries out a Depot Check Service (DCS). The DCS checks for physical damage to all materials and media to be placed within the depot.

Technical Verification Service (TVS)
Escrow depot verifications and source code compilation services ensure that only correct and complete information is deposited. A complete escrow depot consists not only of the source code but also of documentation and compilation instructions. In addition to the DCS which checks for physical discrepancies of the material Escrow Alliance also carries out a series of technical checks to ensure that the to be deposited materials are fully functional.

The technical verifications differentiate themselves from the DCS in that they concern themselves with the software as opposed to the physical material. A TVS is both detailed and thorough and consists of both an analysis and a compilation. The analysis will highlight any reasons why a depot is not fully complete and functional and the compilation confirms that the source code can be compiled into a working end product bases on the material made available.

An analysis may include the following:

  • an inspection of the deposited material and components
  • a comparison of the deposited material and the documentation
  • an analysis of the ‘build’ documentation and other compilation instructions
  • a detailed report of the findings

A compilation may include the following:

  • the construction of the compilation platform
  • the validation of the compilation instructions
  • the solving of and possible correction to any ‘faults’ found
  • a detailed report of the findings

Once the analysis and compilation is complete the end user can be assured that the depot is complete, the instructions are complete and that the deposited materials are in sufficient order to continue supporting the business should the circumstances arise.

Technical Verification Services (TVS) offers 4 levels: