Depositing materials at Escrow Alliance

Which materials do I deposit?
As a general rule your deposit should contain all materials, information and documentation that a skilled person requires to rebuild your product from scratch without your help.

How do I deliver my materials to Escrow Alliance?
Online transfer to Escrow Alliance
– Registered Mail
– FTP – please contact us for you username and password (24 hours)

Send the deposit through our online transfer method
Upload your materials through our secure upload methodEscrow Alliance uses a internet based ‘escrow-upload’ client. Escrow Upload uses the technology of the Netherlands based company WeTransfer.

Escrow Upload is suitable for file sizes upto 2 GB. After you completed your transfer, the files will be deleted immediately.

Please make sure your deposit are password protected.

Never send passwords as part of the deposit.

To use the Escrow Transfer you will not need any specific setup. Only Escrow Alliance staff is authorised to access the files.

Open the Escrow Tranfer website Escrow Alliance Transfer

Send the materials via Registered Mail
Escrow Alliance preferred method is to receive all materials for the escrow deposit via registered mail of through a recognised courier service.

Please make sure your deposit are password protected.

Never send passwords as part of the deposit.

Deposits via registered mail have no file size of medium size limitations. Each deposit may contain one medium.

Send the material for the escrow deposit to:

Escrow Alliance BV
Escrow Deposits & Verifications
Postbus 369
2001 AJ Haarlem
The Netherlands

We have shipping materials available for you to use, including secure sealbags and strong enveloppes. Please ask you contact for details.

Sending your escrow deposit through FTP

Escrow Alliance has an FTP server for deposits with a maximum files size of 2 x 4GB. After the FTP transfer all files are removed immediately.

Please make sure your deposit are password protected.

Never send passwords as part of the deposit.

Ask you contact at Escrow Alliance for a username and password to get access to our FTP (please allow 24 hours).

How do I prepare a deposit for delivery?
Each product is to be deposited on separate media. Including a clear description of the productname as well as any version numbers.
We prefer each new deposit to be made initially on physical hardware such as CD-Rom, hard disc or USB memory. Updates can be delivered through Escrow Transfer.

A deposit contain all components developped by third parties, user documentation, compilation instructions and user manuals.

For security reasons passwords will need to be delivered separately.
A complete deposit contains: Source Code or Source Materials (depending on the technology used), object code, technical documentation, (standard) routines, libraries and development tools.

request FTP details

Are the deposited materials tested?
All materials delivered to Escrow Alliance are tested before the are accepted to be escrowed. Supplier and customer decide to which level each deposit is tested. This can be a basic test on the materials to confirm all materials are present to complete environment rebuilds that confirm that the materials are complete and accessible.

The verification confirm that the customer can maintain, re-develop and manage the application without any third party help.

It is important to avoid any delays during the verification process that an engineer from the supplier is available.

Please make sure that a direct phone number, a mobile number and e-mail address are always included in the Escrow Deposit documentation.